2010 – Stanley Park

Antonia as Sadie

Directed by: Misha Manson-Smith
Written by: Leo Richardson (written & created by), Leo Richardson (play)
Produced by: Alan Greenspan
Production year: 2009
Original release: June 10, 2010
Running time: 28 minutes
Other cast: Morwenna Banks, Nick Blood, Joe Cole
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Sixth former Debbie Robinson lives with her sex-mad Auntie Pat in Stanley Park, Croydon,and aspires to be a fashion designer – or erotic novelist. She wants gorgeous neighbour Harry Stevens to ‘fill his pants with his man milk’ for her but he’s just got engaged to the demanding Sadie. Whilst Harry and Sadie are out with his parents celebrating at Pizza Hut Debbie makes do with seducing Harry’s young brother Lee on the newly varnished kitchen table but they are caught when the others return. Lee’s Mum is appalled – Debbie stole her Pringles. Neighbour Raggedy Anne is appalled – Debbie stole her Lee and ‘Raggy’ is comforted in a sisterly way by housemate Bent Ben. Debbie however goes on to record that this will change all their lives forever.