Website History

Antonia Thomas Web was opened in April 2021 by Jess.

The how and why..

I started watching The Good Doctor season 1 in September 2018. I watched every available episode in a short space of time, completing season 1 in time for the season 2 premiere. I was drawn to Antonia’s character Claire immediately, and began looking at her other work. I decided to build this site in November 2018 when I managed to secure a .com domain, but for various reasons, the site didn’t officially open until 2021. I wanted to have gathered as much content as possible before opening and experienced a few personal setbacks. In addition to The Good Doctor, I have binge watched Lovesick on Netflix several times. I love the adventures of Evie, Dylan and Luke – and I also loved the supporting characters, especially Angus.

Paparazzi/Gossip Policy

Antonia Thomas Web maintains a strict policy of respecting Antonia’s privacy and her right to a day to day life. This website will, therefore, be paparazzi free. Pictures of her not working will not be posted on this site. This includes photos of her seen out and about shopping or going for a walk with family or friends. We may include ‘on set’ photos if they appear unobtrusive.

As we all know Antonia works very hard and, like everyone else, has the right to privacy and a private life. With that said, our aim is to respect this as much as is possible while providing an accurate and up-to-date source on her career.